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The Joseph and Catherine Marjanczyk Library (Marjanczyk Library) is a part of  the Polish Cultural Foundation located  at 177 Broadway, Clark, NJ 07066.

It is an extremely important resource and venue for the preservation and propagation of the Polish literary and art culture in the United States.

Many of the books in our library collection can be classified as either unique or one of few copies left in the world including Poland.

Marjanczyk Library contains over 15,000 books and publications for ethnic research or reading in Polish or English languages.

We are in the final stage of completing library renovation process. Library will be open again to the Public in the middle of 2015.


We are looking for volunteers willing to help us at the Marjanczyk Library. We welcome everyone Tuesday – Friday at 7:30 pm

All books from Marjanczyk Library are recorded in a common catalog of three Polish-American libraries: Marjanczyk Library of the Polish Cultural Foundation, the library of Józef Piłsudski Institute of America and the library of Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America.

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